Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kid Fresh gets the Kid Test

My kids beg for frozen meals all the time. They never get them. When I have a sitter, I rely on chicken nuggets or Annie's mac & cheese and frozen broccoli as my go to meals. There is too much sugar and salt and quite frankly many other ingredients I don't recognize in those frozen selections. Until now when Kid Fresh hits the scene as a brand that's trying to change all that. The meals have very few ingredients and all are natural and recognizable! They are also made in BPA and Phalate free bowls so no fear of toxic- microwaving. Of course the packaging is eco-friendly recyclable cardboard.  I have to admit natural and frozen sometimes means gross, so while I was pleased at the efforts, I was skeptical about taste. I decided to put the meals to the true test: my kids. The following is the edited version of our taste tests which were fun and lasted way longer than three minutes. There aren't a ton of choices for meals so far and some that are available could just as easily be made in  your own kitchen probably as quickly as in your microwave. But I will say for when you're in a super hurry or not home at all these seem near perfect. Add that to the novelty  of a frozen meal for my kids and Kid Fresh suddenly becomes even more desirable. If I could suggest one thing-I'd sell bags of their frozen meatballs. They tasted great and I've never seen a frozen meatball with so few ingredients.
Overall, Kid Fresh gets a thumbs up from some pretty tough testers.:)Check out their website to find out where you can get your own Kid Fresh meals.I'd love to hear what your kids think!

* I was provided with coupons for free Kid Fresh meals in exchange for this taste test however everything said by my kids and I is an honest assessment of the product. 

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