Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Muffin Top Secrets

Gap at ShopStyle
I think the hardest part (ok maybe not the hardest but you know what I mean) to being a mom is the fashion part. I haven't forgotten who I was, someone with style. Before kids I used to love to shop and I used to love to dress. It has become more and more of a hassle these days because my body doesn't look like what I need it to in order to pull off the fashion that I love. Well, enter the tunic top. Thank goodness for this new little work horse because it has saved me at many an event. My uniform of late is an assortment of these loose waisted numbers with skinny jeans, black pants or leggings and boots. I can look fashion forward and still hide the years of wear and tear. 
The key to tunics is that you need tops that are loose through the middle to cover the result of your sins (in my case babies and beer) but not too loose that you just look twenty pounds heavier. Also, you have to be wary of the empire waist because if you've ever worn maternity tops you never want to go back.
Up top is one of my favorites from the Gap. It's reasonable priced and can be dressed up or dressed down. There are tons more at Shopstyle-more than I could pick to show you actually. So just click above to see the multitude of offerings that compose the wonder of the muffin covering tunic.