Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Netflix for Kids' Books with a discount to boot!

We love the library around here. We go pretty often and each kid gets to check out whatever they want and everyone leaves happy. What I don't love are the times when I rack up $40 in fees because I didn't know the movies were due earlier than the books or when the system says a book is out and I am CERTAIN I returned it. Also, two weeks is never enough time and I almost always forget to renew.
Enter Book Pig-a netflix like program for kids books. I haven't tried it yet because I just heard about it yesterday. Savvy Source is offering a huge discount on memberships that I intend to take full advantage of.
If you're unfamiliar with this type of service, I'll tell you that each kid can get their own queue of books (that's list for all of you non-British folks) and then they get a shipment every month delivered to your door with a paid return shipping option.
No late fees. No racing to the drop off box in the pouring rain. No renewal stress and the kids get mail! What more could a family need.
Book Pig offers various price options starting at $11.95/month for five books and topping off at $32.95 for 18 books a month.  The Savvy Source listed price is $19 and it gives you a $50 coupon to use toward any subscription. The coupon must be used by April 15, 2011. You should also know the Savvy Source/Savvy Savings program offers 5% of its proceeds to scholarships for kids to attend preschool and you can get further discounts by referring your friends to the deals. Please read more about it here. You get a deal and you give back. That's my kind of savings. The deal is a group deal so a certain number of people need to sign up in order to get the discount.  I'm going to. Hope you will too. Just go here to sign up: The Savvy Source Deals

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