Sunday, November 14, 2010

"My Mickey Mote"

The one drawback to having three kids is that the youngest ends up growing up too fast. When his brother and sister moved from preschool shows to "big kid" shows, so did he. As much as I tried to encourage age appropriate viewing, he wanted what his siblings wanted-because that's what he thought was cool.  I have to admit that I started to miss Mickey, Manny and Quincy around here when they were replaced with Hannah, Phineus and Ferb.
So it was with great delight that I welcomed the Mickey Mote into our home. According to the literature I received with it, the Mickey Mote is, "a one-of-a-kind, child friendly hand held remote control, shaped like Mickey ears, that provides children with an engaging interaction with their favorite Disney Preschool DVDs."
According to my preschooler it's, "cool and super good."
According to me, it's the magic that brought back Mickey and Manny.
The Mickey Mote works with (and will be available for purchase with) certain Disney DVDs in Discovery Mode. It is basically a tactile way for your kids to engage with the shows they may already love to be engaged with. Instead of just yelling answers at the television, they get to feel like the are making the choices right there with Mickey and Manny. When Mickey needs to count or Manny needs to choose a tool, your kid gets to choose the answer using the Mickey Mote. It's pretty great for them to feel connected and for my little guy he gets to be the cool one in the house. In fact, his older siblings have been begging for days to share the Mickey Mote. It seems when there is a remote involved, they forget they're watching "baby shows" and we've had a house full of Playhouse Disney for days.
Welcome back old friends. Thanks Mickey Mote.
*For more information or to see a video trailer of the Mickey Mote, click here.

Here's the preschooler-in his own words. I tried to film him using the Mickey Mote, but he was so mesmerized it didn't make for very entertaining video.:)

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